This morning I dropped by Annay’s new apartment to see how she was doing. Immediately she said, “let’s go shopping.” I figured sure, I’ve got a couple hours, so I agreed.

We headed up to the old Town. Annay wanted to go into the first shop we came to. We spent what felt like forever, but I’m sure was only a quarter of an hour, looking at gold and silver chains. Annay wanted to go into the next store, too. This one sold skirts and blouses. She picked out four or five and then said she wanted to try them on.

She tried each one on and then came out to show me. After she had tried them all on she came out and said, “Your Turn.” After a bit of coaxing I finely gave in and tried them on. She made me come out and spin around; I felt kind of silly, but a couple of them did look cute.

I decided to buy one, but Annay wouldn’t let me. She said, “You can’t buy anything yet, we’ve just started. We can come back later if you still want it.”

This is the point when I started getting worried. Now, I Know that Maple Grove is just a small town and doesn’t have the hundreds of stores that White Water does, but it had taken almost an hour to go through two stores. I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. Five more shops and twelve more outfits tried on and I started working on my exit strategy. I started talking about what I was going to be doing after lunch – Annay didn’t  seem to hear any of it.

I like to think of myself as a fairly fit young woman – I can hike at a good pace for eight hours carrying an eighty pound pack – but after four hours of shopping with Annay I felt like I was going to drop. It must be more than physical, because at this point we hadn’t purchased any thing; but I could barely drag myself along.

Luckily lunch time came along and Annay took me to a very nice inn to eat. It felt so good to sit. I ate slowly so I could enjoy sitting there longer, but as with all good things, lunch ended.

Having eaten and rested, I was good for another hour and Annay took full advantage of it. By three I was starting to drag again, but I started getting stubborn, too. I didn’t care how much more practice Annay had had at shopping, I was in better shape than she was and she wasn’t going to out last me.

Around four I got my second wind. I also decided that it was time to start buying some of the things I liked. I ran back to the second shop we had visited and bought the skirt I liked while Annan was trying on something in another store. At the next store we went into I picked up a pair of boots.

Now that I was accomplishing something I seemed to have a lot more energy. We shopped for two more hours and I was carrying a half dozen bags.

Neither of us said anything, but we found ourselves walking back to Annay’s apartment. Annay stopped and bought one item on the way – the first blouses she had tried on.

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