A Fight

About four months ago I witnessed a fight between a party of hunters form the Redfoot band of Turpis and a party of hunters form the Lower Madden band of Turpis. Fights between the different bands of turpis are nothing new; in fact if they weren’t fighting each other they would be attacking us. This […]

Keeping a Promise

I got around to keeping my promise today. I went to a shop and traded some of the smoked fish I brought back with me for five blankets. I figured that I would start by going down into the lower town to see who might need help. While I was looking around I figured that […]

A splash of color

I was walking along the river today, headed back to town. It’s always funny walking back. I think about what I’m going to do and who I’m going to see, but at the same time I’m already missing the outdoors. Today was no different. I’m looking forward to seeing Annay; we’re planning on going shopping […]