Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

I hope that you find things of interest here. If you look over at the categories you’ll see the kinds of things that interest me. I live in the town of Maple Grove which is in the Mallen valley. If you like dense forests of majestic fir and pine trees, the this is the place for you. The citizens of Maple Grove have carved out farm land in the flood plains of the Mallen river. When compared to the wildness of the valley and the mountains that stretch along either side, the impact that man has had here is pretty small.

I’m willing to bet that a lot of the town’s folks would rather be in a more civilized place like White Water. But for me, this is exactly the kind of place where I belong. I like nothing better than hiking through the woods looking for wild berries or carefully tracking a stag elk. By training I’m a ranger and a scout. By passion I’m a defender of nature, a friend to those that don’t have a voice.

A little about who I am. I’m twenty three years old. I have long brown hair and eyes to match. I like to think I have a nice figure, though most of the time it’s hidden under my leather armor. I’m a marksman with the hunting bow and can hold my own with a long bow as well. I would rather spend the night sleeping under the starts than in a feather bed, and if my coffee doesn’t have grounds in it I question whether its really coffee.

Over he next weeks and months I hope to share a lot more of what is important to me. Also, please forgive me if my journaling is not as crisp as it could be. I’ve never done this before, but I was encouraged to start by my friend Annay. If you want to read really great entries, go look at hers. She’s been journaling every day since she was ten years old. Writing has become second nature to her. You can see her journal at Hathrae.com/annay

Well, I guess this is enough of an introduction. I have to save some thoughts for tomorrow.

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