Gnarled Tree

I saw this gnarled tree today. It’s branches were going every which way. Some reached straight up towards the sky. Others snaked along the ground. Some looked like they had grown in one direction for a while and then decided to turn and grow in a different direction. Others wrapped themselves around other branches. The […]

A splash of color

I was walking along the river today, headed back to town. It’s always funny walking back. I think about what I’m going to do and who I’m going to see, but at the same time I’m already missing the outdoors. Today was no different. I’m looking forward to seeing Annay; we’re planning on going shopping […]


Being a ranger, I’m often torn between two extremes. I make my livelihood in the woods and meadows away from civilization. I act as a guide and a scout, but I also spend a lot of time hunting and fishing. I hunt and fish for my own food, and also to sell in town. While […]