The Statue

The rock statue seemed old, but I knew that compared to the hands that had hewn it, the rock was young. Sure it was older the my great grandmother, but my great grandmother is only 112. I rubbed my hand across the smooth stone surface like so many had done before me. I knew it […]

The Long Way Home

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’ve got a good excuse. I spent most of the last month just trying to hang onto life. It all started six weeks ago. The moon was full, making me feel comfortable as I walked along the trail that lead across the meadow. I had walked all […]

What’s in a Name

Some guys, who I think are threatened by me, were giving me a hard time today. Now I know I’m not the most girly girl, but come on guys. I’m not a guy either. Anyway it got me thinking about my name and the names people have given me. Julie: This is the name my […]

Gnarled Tree

I saw this gnarled tree today. It’s branches were going every which way. Some reached straight up towards the sky. Others snaked along the ground. Some looked like they had grown in one direction for a while and then decided to turn and grow in a different direction. Others wrapped themselves around other branches. The […]