First Snow

by Annay on March 22nd, 2010

I woke up this moring to a chill. I pulled up my blanket and tried to go back to sleep. No luck. I added some sticks to the banked fire on the hearth and soon my room was toasty – that’s one of the nice things about living in a small place.

I pulled back the drapes – ready to greet the morning – and was greeted by white. During the night the first snow of the winter had come. From the looks of it, the storm had been a big one. A good foot of snow covered everything I could see.

After I ate, I bundled up and headed out to explore. Now of course this is not the first time that I’ve been in snow – it shows at least a dozen time a year – but this is the first time I’ve been in the snow in the lower city. All those years living in the upper city I never saw deep snow. As soon as it fell people came and shovelled it into wagons.

Walking in calf deep snow was strange. Everything being white was stranger. I wanted to walk to the Ranger’s Arrow, but I kept getting turned around. I never realized how much I depended on the land marks that were now covered with snow. I finally figured out that if I kept the town wall to my right, that even if I was off a little, at least I was going in the right direction.

Coming home was much easier. I think I actually like the snow.

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