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First Snow

by on Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I woke up this moring to a chill. I pulled up my blanket and tried to go back to sleep. No luck. I added some sticks to the banked fire on the hearth and soon my room was toasty – that’s one of the nice things about living in a small place.

I pulled back the drapes – ready to greet the morning – and was greeted by white. During the night the first snow of the winter had come. From the looks of it, the storm had been a big one. A good foot of snow covered everything I could see.

After I ate, I bundled up and headed out to explore. Now of course this is not the first time that I’ve been in snow – it shows at least a dozen time a year – but this is the first time I’ve been in the snow in the lower city. All those years living in the upper city I never saw deep snow. As soon as it fell people came and shovelled it into wagons.

Walking in calf deep snow was strange. Everything being white was stranger. I wanted to walk to the Ranger’s Arrow, but I kept getting turned around. I never realized how much I depended on the land marks that were now covered with snow. I finally figured out that if I kept the town wall to my right, that even if I was off a little, at least I was going in the right direction.

Coming home was much easier. I think I actually like the snow.


by on Saturday, March 13th, 2010

I’ve finally have a place to call my own. It’s not much – just one room – but it’s mine. This is the place I saw last week when I went with Hector into the lower town. It’s owned by a woman named Mrs. Jenkens – she’s sweet. It’s part of four apartments – mine is the second from the north end – they tell me that this is called “fully-attached”. To me it means I have two neighbors right on the other side of two of my walls.

Hector helped me move my stuff in – it only took us one trip since I don’t have that much stuff. I also bought some furniture, since the apartment only came with one small table. I found a nice bed with four turned posts and two chairs to place by the fireplace. I hung one of the pictures Julie gave me on the wall – the one of the fawn drinking from the pool at the bottom of a waterfall.

It’s been strange living on my own. Two weeks living in an inn had it’s high points. I didn’t have to cook or clean up – in fact someone even made my bed each morning. Being on my own has also had it’s difficulties. I’ve found that it is hard to get up in the morning. I don’t have a job yet and I don’t have chores either. I’ve spend some time everyday practicing, but that doesn’t fill up the day.

So all of that is changing as of today. This morning I got up and made my bed. Then I made a small fire, which I used to cook some oatmeal and heat some water for tea. I clean up my dishes and then went for a walk. I walked up into the old town and watched the sun rise above the mountain peaks.

It was nice walking back to my apartment, and opening the door and seeing all of my thinks neatly in their places. I sat in front of the fire and read a book – simple joys. Now I’ve finished my lunch and took sometime to write in my journal. This afternoon I’m going to start looking for a job.