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A Job

by on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

It’s time to get a job. I’ve done a few odd jobs over the winter, but spring is on the way and it’s time to get serious. As I’ve been thinking about this, it occurred to me that Master never really taught me much about what to do with my skills – he was mostly concerned that I learn my lessons well.

I wonder if he taught me that way because he didn’t want to limit me. I sure do have a lot of choices – it’s just that none of them seem very exciting. I could collect herbs and work with the herbalist making potions. I could work with one of the local smiths and help them make magical weapons. I could spend my time making scrolls – but that would be really tedious. I could hire on with a group of explores and take my chance on finding long lost treasures or on a merchant caravan as their magical protection. I could try being a teacher, but I think I should have some more experience first, or a researcher working in the great library in White Water.

Too many choices. Sometimes I think it might be better just working as a barmaid in one the many inns in town – I hear that they make a lot from all the tips they get and they don’t have to worry about anyone else. Well maybe they have to worry about their customers or they won’t get any tips.

Maybe I’m not ready for a career yet. Maybe I should just keep doing odd jobs until I find something that really clicks.