of Master Samuel Gees.


The snow has come again to slow down life. It’s part of God’s plan; we need to take time to rest. Of course, like all of God’s plans, some people choose to fight them.

I remember many years ago that I was one of those people. It was the middle of winter and the snow lay heavy on the ground. My friends and I figured that since dragons look like lizards, they probably sleep for the winter, too.

What better time could there be to raid a dragon’s den than when it is fast asleep. Of course we didn’t consider when the best time to travel miles into the mountains would be. We packed up our gear and set out one winter morning.

We headed up the valley towards Torad’s Anvil. The going was slow and we should have realized the folly of our ways, but we were young and foolish. It took us three weeks to travel to where we left the road. In summer it would have taken four days, but still we went on.

On the third day of climbing up some unnamed mountain, it snowed. For four days we were trapped in our tents; talk about slowing down life. When the storm finally passed we continued our climbing.

On day seven we reached the place where the entrance to the dragon’s lair was supposed to be. All we found was a wall of ice. We tried to get through it, but soon gave up. The hike down the mountain and to town was a long and solemn one. It was a hard lesson to learn, but I learned it well. No longer do I took for the easy path, and when winter comes along I throw another log on the fire and slow down.

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