of Master Samuel Gees.

Rocks in the sand

| January 23, 2011

It has been very good having Red Beard around these last few weeks. He comes and visits me often and we sit and talk for hours. Mostly we talk about the “old” days and our triumphs. I say it’s been good because it has gotten my mind working again – it’s helped me remember. Last […]


| March 28, 2010

The snow has come again to slow down life. It’s part of God’s plan; we need to take time to rest. Of course, like all of God’s plans, some people choose to fight them. I remember many years ago that I was one of those people. It was the middle of winter and the snow lay heavy […]

Red Beard

| September 4, 2009

Many years ago I went on a trip to the seaside. It was with my friend Red Beard. Before I start my story I need to tell you a little bit about Red Beard, since this story is really about him. Red Beard is a dwarf. I know what your thinking – short, loves gold, […]