What’s in a Name

Some guys, who I think are threatened by me, were giving me a hard time today. Now I know I’m not the most girly girl, but come on guys. I’m not a guy either.

Anyway it got me thinking about my name and the names people have given me.


This is the name my mother gave me. Julie means youthful. It a lovely name, but when I’m trying to prove myself to the world, when I’m trying to prove that I’m experienced and responsible, a name that cries out youthful would not have been my first choice. Maybe when I’m sixty youthful will seem like a good thing.


My name when I’m working. I search out the best trails. I look for game. I’m the one out in front looking for the danger. I studied many years to learn what I know and to be able to do what I can.


My name when I’m leading others through the woods. A name that means people trust me and rely on me. When I think of myself as a guide I think of honor and responsibility.


My formal training. It speaks to my skill with a bow and in tracking. It says I know about the local plants and animals. It says that I can live off the woods.


Several people call me friend, and I’m honored that they do. I’ve always tried to put others first; to look for opportunities to share my gifts. I try to bring some of the joy I find in nature to the people in town.


When I come in from a long trip it’s true that I can have a bit of the road on me. But I clean up well, and I wash my hair everyday on the trail.

Tree hugger:

This is the name the loggers gave me. They see me as a bother, and something between them and the trees. They want to level the forest and put in more farms. I want to perverse the woods and help people live in harmony with nature.

Mountain Woman:

This is a name that the guys gave me. They think it means that I’m uncivilized, that I’m not allowed to live in town. I see it as saying I’m strong enough to live in the wilds. I can take care of myself. I’m strong like the mountains.


To my mother I will always be her little girl, and I like being her little girl. I like going home and having my mother fuss over me, except when she starts asking me why I’m not married yet.


I fall short. I choose not to listen. I’m not always ready to share God’s love with others, or to forgive with God’s forgiveness. I try to honer God with my life, but even then it’s about me trying instead of being about God.


And even when I fall short, God is there to catch me. When I don’t listen, He keeps calling. When I don’t share, God still shows His love to me. When I hold a grudge He reminds me that He doesn’t. When I’m failing because I can’t do it, He reminds me that He’s already finished doing the important things.


This is the name my mother gave me. Julie means youthful. I’m so glad that I am youthful. I enjoy being free; running through the fields of flowers and climbing the mountains. I’m thankful I have the faith of a child; ready to listen and just follow.

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