Dropping by for Dessert

Even before I opened the door the delectable aromas reached me. I could smell the roasted nuts of the pecan pie mixed with the warm maple syrup. The pumpkin mixed with cinnamon and allspice caused my mouth to water. And the hint of apple and caramelized sugar made my stomach rumble.

I rapped my knuckles gently on the door, and almost immediately I regretted my timid knock. I could hear the voices of people talking within and the melodic tones of someone playing a flute. I was fairly sure that no one had heard my knock, but I didn’t want to be rude and knock again just as someone opened the door, so I waited a minute, feeling very foolish, then knocked again, this time more forcefully.

I only had to wait a few moments before the door opened and my senses were overwhelmed. Besides the wonderful aromas, which now included vanilla and cocoa, and the increase in the quality and number of voices reaching me, my eyes were delighted by the swirling of colors as people moved around the large room and the dancing of flames in the fireplace and on the top of the numerous candles.

I stepped into the room and felt the warmth of the air engulfed me and then Aaron’s arms engulfed me and he lifted me off the ground in a bear hug. I felt the air leaving my lungs, but at the same time my heart seemed to be filled with warmth. Any doubts I might have had about coming to this gathering were instantly gone as I felt welcomed and loved.

Aaron release me and I gasped for air, but my face glowed with the joy I was feeling. I mingled for a while, talking to old friends and meeting new ones. Everyone was friendly and up beat, and their attitude quickly replaced the sadness I had been feeling. In fact, by the time the deserts were served I had completely forgotten about the day.

I took small pieces of three different pies and had a cup of hot cocoa. They tasted even better than they smelled and the cocoa warmed me to the core. I found a place near the fire-place and sat watching the flames as I ate. I’m not sure why, but I stopped hearing the others around me – it was just me and the crackling of the fire.

I don’t know how long I sat there, only that it was long enough for me to clean my plate. I was lost in thought when I felt someone’s hands on my shoulders. The touch was gentle, but firm. As my shoulders were rubbed I could feel the tension melting away.

“I’m glad you came, Julie,” Hector said as he continued to force my muscles to relax. “How are you doing?”

I didn’t reply, instead I just enjoyed the feel of his hands on my back.

“Come on Julie, I can tell something’s up by how tense you are,” Hector probed.

“It’s nothing, and not the kind of thing to talk about at a gathering like this,” I finally replied.

Hector continued the gentle rubbing. “It’s not nothing, Julie, and what kind of gathering are you talking about? Everyone left an hour ago.”

That’s when I noticed, that in fact, the music and talking had stopped, and I hadn’t noticed it. I realized that I must have been sitting there for several hours in my own little world. “It’s noting, really,” I said. “I get like this every year,” I continued, trying to end the conversation, but Hector didn’t let it end.

“Julie, I’ve known you for a lot of years, and yes, you do get moody during the winter, but this is different.”

“It’s nothing, I’m just tired.”

“Julie, don’t lock me out of your life. Let me be your friend.”

I sat there for a while – Hector continuing his work on my back. I thought about what to say. How much did I want to share? How much did I dare to share? If I told him about the Turpies, would he think I was crazy? If I told him a little, would he pull it all out of me? How could he understand – everything is so clear to him – would he accept the haziness I saw?

Hector gave me several minutes to think, while keeping his presence clear though his hands on my shoulders. He was right – he was one of my best friends. I knew that he was trustworthy, so why was I hesitating?

I finally decided to tell him what was going on. As I started to tell him about my experiences with the Turpies and how I was afraid that if we didn’t do something that there would be war, it was a if a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. We talked for over an hour. Hector didn’t tell me I was crazy, in fact he asked me what I thought we needed to do.

Hector told me that he wanted to get together with me again so we could figure out what we should do. I feel so much better tonight. I’m going to spend some time and try to write down some of the interactions I’ve had with the Turpis in the last months so I can share them with Hector and anyone else who will listen. I guess the big difference is that now I feel like there is some hope.

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