Old Maple Grove

Maple Grove has a history that is lost in the pages of the history books. The original city was built some four thousand years ago and consisted of a tower, a keep, a wall at the top of the plateau, and smaller building inside of the wall.

All that is left of that original town is Duke Rangefield's tower and the upper town wall. The Tower, keep and walls were built by dwarven builders. The keep was destroyed seventy years later.

Thirty years later, on the town's 100 anniversary dwarven builders once again came to the aid of the town. They rebuilt the keep and repaired the upper walls. They also built the town's lower walls and a second tower in the upper town.

Over the next four thousand years the city has seen its share of abuse, but the dwarven built structures have weathered the abuses of time and attack.

No one knows the number of other dwarven structures that did not survive.

After twelve hundred years as a town, Maple Grove was abandoned because of server draught and political unrest in the rest of the country it was part of.

Almost three hundred years later the town was reoccupied, displacing the orc population that had moved in.

The next thousand years or more saw the expansion of the town to its current size, filling in the area between the upper walls and lower walls. Many acres of land was also claimed for farms and pastures from the flood planes to the west of the town.

After this golden period, the populating of the town fell and hovered in the two to three hundred range for nearly two thousand years.

Over the last five hundred years the town population has steadily grown to is current level. This is credit by the change in regional politics and an increase of trade through the town.

Currently the town's population is just under three thousand and growing at a rate of ten to twenty a year.

The historic preservation society is currently working on restoring a few of the buildings in town that are over seven hundred years old.