An hour a day


“Take a step forward.”

I stood frozen with my eyes covered by a cloth. I wanted to move, but I couldn’t. I knew what was in front of me – I’ve run up and down these hallways a hundred times in the dark.

For some reason this was different. Choosing not to see, when I could, somehow made the thought of walking down the hallway terrifying.

Was it that I couldn’t see, but master could? Was it that I didn’t trust master? I should have. He has always kept me from harm’s way.

“Brian,” his voice came again, “Take a step forward.”

I took a deep breath and then took a step. Nothing happened. Of course nothing happened. What did I think would happen?


I took another deep breath and took another step. It was easier than the first. I took another step before master could tell me, again.

Two more steps and I was guessing I would reach the stairs in one or two more. I paused, not wanting to take the next step.

“Quickly, Brian.”

I squeezed my eyes closed tightly, replacing the darkness of the blindfold with spinning stars. I took a step.

I was falling. I flailed my arms looking for something to grab. I didn’t find anything and felt myself falling head first down the stair well.

I was imaging a step meeting my head and splitting my head open. Why had I taken that step? Why had I trusted Master?

Then as quickly as the falling sensation started it stopped. It didn’t stop with a thud or a crash. It just stopped.

I was still upside down, but I wasn’t falling.

“Take off you blindfold.”

I did and found myself floating in the air halfway down the stair case. Master stood at the top and was smiling at me.

He reached his out to me. “Take it,” he said.

I took it and he pulled me back to the top of the stairs and set my feet back on the ground.

As I watched him walk away I wondered at the lesson he had just given me. It is hard to have faith in others.


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